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 投稿者:gregconquest  投稿日:2015年10月14日(水)19時42分26秒
  Thank you, Miho. You're doing Harappa on Halloween weekend. That is too bad. Many Halloween parties are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, and I have a friend's Halloween party on Sunday this year (she announced her house party before you announced Harappa's).

I love coming to the Harappa Matsuri, but I thought you held the event on the first full weekend of November, not in October. I wish you had announced the date earlier. I could have scheduled Saturday to be open if you had announced the date before October. I said I would work Saturday afternoon, though. Now it is too late. Do you not choose the date until one month in advance?

I'll try to come this year, but it seems impossible. Zannen desu.

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